AIM Chassis Pools

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 Southern California (SoCal)

American Intermodal Management (AIM)  uses eModal to handle Motor Carrier Contract Agreements & Insurance Certification, integrated with DVIR/DVER and Daily-Rental Billing

Apply for the AIM Pool

New AIM Customer Registration Steps

Prior to the first rental, AIM customers must complete the eModal registration process.
With an eModal User-ID, it is fast and easy to apply
​for the AIM Chassis pool.
​1)  Click on the "Navigation Tips" (to the right)
​     for working through the eModal Web-Site
2)  Click on above “New eModal User” button or 
​     “Existing eModal User” button, whichever is
     appropriate, to access the eModal Web-Site.
3)  After registration is complete, the following
​    documents must be provided to eModal:
​    •  Download and Print the Pool Agreement
    •   Fax or scan the entire signed agreement and the
​        Certificate of Liability insurance to 866-758-3838
        or email to
4)  Upon eModal's approval of the documentation,
​     you are immediately authorized  for AIM chassis
​      rentals.

Sign Up to AIM Marine Chassis Pools

​​American Intermodal Management uses eModal to serve our Motor Carrier community: